Rocky Tyrone Gonet


Hello,  I'm Rocky Gonet and I am a Key West based photographer specializing in architectural and interior spaces.

I am originally from the great town of Ann Arbor, Michigan and am a second generation professional photographer.

I came to Key West almost 20 years ago and completed a degree from the Southeast Center of Photographic Studies in 2002.  While in school, I supported myself working as an assistant to an award winning wedding photographer and several commercial and architectural photographers.  Although thankful for my education, I must say, I believe I learned more assisting than I did in the classroom.  

I began shooting weddings in Key West shortly after photography school, but then reluctantly moved to Boston with my wife after the birth of our first child to be closer to her family.  During the three years I spent in Boston, I started shooting residential and commercial photography.  It was during this time of transition, working in a new and foreign city,  that I actually found my true strength and direction as a photographer.  I was fortunate enough to photograph some amazing properties in the New England area including the home of legendary Red Sox hitter Big Poppy and an historic home once owned by John Quincy Adams.  In addition, I also photographed some spectacular hotels in the city, including The Langham.  It was a great three years, but we ultimately decided we wanted to raise our children on the small, diverse, and beautiful island of Key West.  And so, like many who leave, back we came.

I am grateful to be able to shoot architecture in a city with such unique and historic buildings. From classic Dade County pine homes and shotgun conch houses, to elegant, oceanfront modern works of art, Key West has so much to offer a photographer.  I particularly enjoy shooting for our hospitality industry, as through my lens, I am able to share my love of this wonderful island with people from all over the world.